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iArk Media Vision-water, food, shelter. everyone, everywhere.

Mobilizing Change

We are pasionate about telling stories of lives changed. We are "mobilizing change" with our unique mobile billboard opportunity, the combination of businesses and charity, and finally in the way we lead by example in our contributions to the charity you choose! For every iArk Media Billboard you advertise on, iArk Media will donate a portion of media revenues to the charity of your choice! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. 


iArk Media is Canada's only vendor of out of home advertising to offer Mobile Billboard advertising space on 53' semi trailers in any market across Canada.​ Our geotargeted iArk Mobile Billboards give you a 40ft x 8ft canvas on both sides with the option of the rear doors to bring your message to market along side the charity of your choice.


Contact Us

Looking for something different for your business or your client? Let us work for you and show you how iArk Media can put your powerful message on the road in any region of Canada.


Please contact us today!

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