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Cause Marketing def. “A type of campaign involving the cooperative efforts of a company and a non-profit organization resulting in cross promotional activities that produce charitable donations to the non-profit organization”

mobilizing change //iArk Media’s Vision Statement – Water, Food, Shelter. Everyone. Everywhere.


iArk Media’s Mission Statement - to bring water, food, and shelter to developing nations by selling advertising space on iArk Mobile Billboards.


Our goal is “mobilizing change” in the world through our unique approach to media and advertising. We believe that by integrating corporate brand advertising and sponsorship with the message of our charity partners, we can become a catalyst to drive social change in the world.


iArk Media is a Calgary based company co-founded by Josh Laforet and Travis Heide. The organization is a triple bottom line company where people, profits, and the planet are equally considered in measuring and evaluating its success. iArk Media believes that all organizations have a corporate social responsibility to their communities, their country, and ultimately the world. Business today is global and the well-being of all stakeholders needs to be considered in business decisions, including intentional marketing and advertising campaigns.


As a vendor of outdoor media with inventory across Canada, our goal is to bridge the gap between businesses and charities. We will do this by donating a portion of revenue to charity. iArk Media is committed to supporting charity: water however, if there are charities that your organization currently supports, we will promote and donate to that cause in your name.  MEDIA+BUSINESS+CHARITY=iArk Media. This is the change we intend to create!


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