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iArk Mobile Billboards // 


iArk Media offers truck side advertising on 53’ semi-trailers across Canada. We will put your message where you want it, when you want it, and on one of the largest OOH platforms available. We offer short and long term campaigns in all markets across Canada at a lower cost than traditional outdoor with proven impressions and tracking. 


Our exclusive media offers you 40x8 ft faces, with the option of the rear doors which gives you 2-D and 3-D creative posibilities unlike any other large format OOH options!







iArk Media is a Calgary based company co-founded by Josh Laforet and Travis Heide. The organization is a triple bottom line company where people, profits, and the planet are equally considered in measuring and evaluating its success. iArk Media believes that all organizations have a corporate social responsibility to their communities, their country, and ultimately the world.


This is why on every iArk Mobile Billboard you will see a charity promoted and iArk Media will donate a portion of the media revenus to the Charity on your behalf! 


Corporate message to mass market, promotion of a preferred charity, and monies contributed to the charity? Awesome, let's get started!

Tracking & Impressions // 


Each iArk Mobile Billboard is equiped with a GPS unit. When the Billboard is mobile, the route is ‘bread crumbed’ and data is recorded every four minutes. That data is processed and satellite audited to report proven impression counts based on inputs such as speed of vehicle, time of day, & number of lanes. This information will report the number of impressions your mobile billboard will generate per day, month, or over the duration of your campaign.

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